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The Price of Life Coaching: Why Coaching Shouldn't Come Cheap (or Free!)

Hey there, savvy seekers of life improvement, career growth, or enlightenment (whatever u are up for)! So, picture this: you're strolling through the vast landscape of self-discovery, and suddenly, you stumble upon a sign that says, "Free Life Coaching!" Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Well, hold your personal growth horses because I'm here to sprinkle a little humor on why life coaching should have a price tag.

Time and money invested to become a life coach

First off, let's talk about coaches. These folks aren't just winging it with a crystal ball and some motivational quotes they found on the internet. No, ma'am or sir! Most of them spent countless hours, usually while combining it with regular 9-5 jobs and family, maybe even sacrificing a few brain cells, to get certified and equipped with the skills to guide you through the maze of life. (Exceptions always apply, I am sure you will see those quickly.)

Want Free Advice? Ask your grandma

Now, who should be handing out free life advice? Your grandmother, that's who! She's got a lifetime of experiences, a killer apple pie recipe, and probably a few embarrassing stories about your parents that'll make you rethink your life choices.

"Free" information on Social Media

Let's dive into the reality of social media life coaching information and why it's not as cost-free as it seems. While you are not swiping your credit card, the currency involved goes beyond money—it's your time and attention. Paid sponsorships as well as messages that are trendy now influence content, and your precious time is the unspoken fee, handed over with every click and hours and hours of scrolling or watching videos.

Watching coaching videos on social media may offer insights, but genuine life transformation demands more than a casual stroll. It's a commitment to navigating personal intricacies, facing challenges, and embracing discomfort for authentic change—a journey often enhanced by a right coach or mentor.

Seeking Free Ears? Just ring up your buddy

Well, consider this: your friend might toss in some advice, but let's be real—unless they moonlight as a therapist, you're risking a lecture on their latest Netflix binge or the saga of their own personal or work drama, or saying that you deserve better (while you were the one who messed up). Your friend might mean well, but when it comes to navigating the labyrinth of your existential ponderings, it's like using a spaghetti strainer to catch a waterfall.

Free things are often devalued

Let's not forget about commitment. People tend to take things more seriously when there's some skin in the game, or in this case -- cash on the table. You wouldn't believe the dedication that comes with knowing you've invested your hard-earned money in unlocking the secrets of your inner awesomeness.

Personally, when I was starting my coaching practice, I have done over 100 free sessions with family, friends, classmates from coaching classes, and random people who volunteered to be coached by me when I told them that I was a beginner coach. Thank you all! Then I slowly started to charge for my time as a coach, first donations based (which i still use sometimes), then setting a rate per hour -- first $20, then $60, then $120 and now my current rate, as I felt I was growing in my value as a coach.

I've consistently observed that clients who invest financially are more committed to their personal growth, demonstrating a greater inclination to integrate the learnings and insights from our sessions into their real lives. Conversely, when sessions are free or cheap, there's a tendency for people to perceive it as casual conversation or a venting outlet, often without the same commitment.

Free coaching might attract a crowd that's not exactly committed to becoming the best version of themselves. It's like offering free pizza at the gym – you'll get people showing up, but they're not there for the bench presses and squats; they're there for the pepperoni or they have nothing to do.

And what's with the idea that some professions should be all sunshine and rainbows without a financial reward? Imagine telling your plumber, "Fix my leaky faucet for the exposure!" You'd probably end up with a waterfall in your kitchen.


In conclusion, life coaching is like a gym membership for your soul. So, put a price on it, commit to the journey, and let the sweat, tears, and personal growth begin!

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