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Leaf Beauty
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Work & Performance 
  • Overcome
    • imposter syndrom
    • self-esteem issues 
    • fear of public speaking
  • Manage conflicts 
  • Improve performance 
  • Transitions or changing careers 
  • Unleash your best self 
  • Find your Why 
  • Overcome
    • anxiety 
    • negative patterns, loop, behaviours & believes
    • compulsive behaviors
      • binge eating
      • binge shopping
      • . . . 
  • Improve your "fight," "flight," or "freeze" responses
  • Learn to
    • hear your body & intuition
    • communicate & honor your boundaries
​Sports & Art 
  • Overcome
    • "freeze" or "yips"
    • audition's or performance anxiety, writer’s block
    • feelings of inadequacy or "I am not good enough"
  • Improve
    • performance 
    • resilience
  • Get in touch with mastery and giftedness of your body
  • Unleash your full potential
  • Let's find your "character spot" for your auditions, monologues & roles
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Dear You,

While we cannot change what has happened in the past, we can work with you and help you to change your future, live free of any self-limiting beliefs or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.
If you're looking for support in
  • reaching your goals,
  • going through a challenging situation, 0r
  • revamping your life or a part of it, 
I am excited to work with you! 
My goal is to help you advance from point A (your current state) to point B (your desired state) as quickly as possible.  So what are your goals?


I am NOT Licensed Psychotherapist. Coaching does NOT include mental health counseling, therapy, diagnosis, or treatment. Engaging in a coaching session does not constitute a therapist-patient relationship. If you currently have untreated/un-managed mental health issues those are best addressed and treated prior to engaging in coaching or concurrently with coaching services. If you present issues that are outside the scope of coaching, I reserve the right to end the session and refer you to more appropriate care.
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