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PRACTICIONER (trauma work) 

I help people to overcome anxiety, trauma, and negative patterns - to be better selves


I Can Help With



Work & Performance 

  • Overcome

    • imposter syndrom

    • self-esteem issues 

    • fear of public speaking

  • Manage conflicts 

  • Improve performance 

  • Transitions or changing careers 

  • Unleash your best self 



​Sports & Art 

  • Overcome​

    • "freeze" or "yips"

    • audition's or performance fear, writer’s block

    • ​feelings of inadequacy or "I am not good enough"​

  • Get in touch with mastery of your body

  • Get ready for your auditions & roles

  • Improve

    • performance 

    • resilience




  • Communicate your boundaries

  • Overcome

    • anxiety 

    • negative patterns & believes

    • compulsive behaviors

      • ​binge eating

      • binge shopping

      • addictions 

  • Improve your fight, flight, or freeze responses

  • Learn to hear your body & intuition

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Dear You,

While we cannot change what has happened in the past, we can work together to change your future, live free of any self-limiting beliefs or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you.

Two Dried Leaves

Bringing lasting change in your life

With my clients I use a variety of different coaching techniques, where one of my favorite technique called Brainspotting.  "If talk therapy is the leaves on a tree, Brainspotting is its roots."  Brainspotting is more of a somatic and experiential technique rather than simple talking about a situation. (Simply discussing a situation or a goal is usually not very helpful long-term because even if people know what to do, not always they can bring themselves to doing it.) Brainspotting method combines neuroscience and psychology with somatic practices to help clients access the deepest parts of themselves in order to achieve lasting transformations.  We will also utilize other techniques and find what works best for you. 

These celebs openly spoke about doing Brainspotting: 

  • Lindsey Vonn -- Gold Medal winning Olympic skier

  • Sam Long -- one of the America's top long-distance athletes

  • Mackey Sasser -- a former professional baseball catcher at the New York Mets

  • Dansby Swanson -- an American professional baseball shortstop for the Chicago Cubs of (MLB) (start listening at 46 minutes)​


IT manager in Ukraine

“As a result of working with Aliona, I became more effective at work and private life. She has the tools and a gift to help people."


banker in Belgin

"I was fortunate to experience several sessions of brain spotting with Aliona. With her warm personality and genuine interest, she makes you feel safe to open up and commit to the process. She has a great way of asking the right questions for you to get to the root of your problem, and guiding you to resolve and comfort."


HR Specialist and a Blogger from Jordan

“I always struggled with my weight and my eating habits are not healthy and I binge whenever I am tired and stressed, Aliona helped me from the first session to overcome those habits and immediately I saw results. She used a very unique technique called brain spotting and it was intense in a positive way. I felt so comfortable and relaxed with Aliona as she is professional yet close to heart and the conversation felt easy and warm.  I strongly recommend Aliona for your life coaching,  because she's friendly,  professional and very knowledgeable.”


Brooklyn New York

“I am so grateful to Aliona for helping me to overcome a very difficult situation after my marriage of 33 years has ended. Not only coaching with Aliona returned me the desire to live again, but I also found new interests. Thank you so much!”


I am NOT Licensed Psychotherapist. Coaching does NOT include mental health counseling, therapy, diagnosis, or treatment. Engaging in a coaching session does not constitute a therapist-patient relationship. If you currently have untreated/un-managed mental health issues those are best addressed and treated prior to engaging in coaching or concurrently with coaching services with the permission of your therapist. If you present issues that are outside the scope of coaching, I reserve the right to end the session and refer you to more appropriate care.


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